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Fraud Hotlines for Banks Importance of Anonymity Sarbanes Oxley 301 What the FDIC says Request Info
Fraud Hotlines for Banks Importance of Anonymity Sarbanes-Oxley 301 What the FDIC says Request Info

How It Works

Whether your company is large or small, public or private, AntiFraudHotline is able to fit any organization’s needs. With the protection of AntiFraudHotline, companies can keep fraud in check, gather important employee feedback and comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Employees can report an incident onlineAntiFraudHotline combines several features for a comprehensive service:
  • SilentAlert allows employees to sends anonymous web alerts to upper management on policy violations, fraud, harassment and other issues.
  • SilentSuggestion allows employees to submit anonymous ideas and concerns to management. 
  • SilentQuestion allows managers to answer anonymous questions to resolve issues.
  • SilentSurvey gathers anonymous employee feedback to deal with concerns, improve policies and boost company culture.

Employees can feel safe reporting tips and suggestions through two methods:

By Phone
When reporting by phone, trained operators take every call after a recorded message assures callers of anonymity and goes over the reporting process. The telephone hotline service is available anywhere around the globe, any time of year. The hotline has been operating for 15 years and handles over 150 languages.

By Web
When reporting by Web, employees have an easy-to-navigate system so giving feedback is a simple process. The web-based technology has been in development for two years and is more advanced than similar systems.

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