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Fraud Hotlines for Banks Importance of Anonymity Sarbanes Oxley 301 What the FDIC says Request Info
Fraud Hotlines for Banks Importance of Anonymity Sarbanes-Oxley 301 What the FDIC says Request Info

Why is Anonymity Important in the Banking Industry?
Even with peer reviews, pulse surveys and open door policies it’s difficult for managers to get the whole story regarding the workplace. Employees, contractors and vendors may not feel comfortable disclosing what managers miss. Anonymity

With AntiFraudHotline, financial institutions can provide an anonymous forum that utilizes the latest technology to gather feedback and information. Get to the source of potential problems before it becomes a security threat or a case of fraud. Address employee concerns and hear suggestions. Give employees a safe means to report wrongdoing and empower them to be proactive in reporting fraud.

AntiFraudhotline allows your bank to close the communication gaps and build on the success of your business through improved employee relations.

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